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TFE performs a variety of consulting services for various  Government agencies (e.g., DOE and U.S. Department of Commerce). We employ subject matter experts (SMEs) with decades of experience in the following areas: Startup Support, Operational Readiness Reviews (ORRs), Nuclear Safety Culture, Training, Procedures, Problem Identification and Resolution, Oversight, Conduct of Operations (CONOPS), Conduct of Maintenance, Assessments and Implementation Verification Reviews (IVRs), Root Cause Analysis, Quality Assurance (QA) Support and Audits, Nuclear Safety and Criticality Safety, Unreviewed Safety Question Determination and Licensing Support, and Nuclear Engineering Technical Support. Our clients seek our SMEs’ assistance in the wake of accidents and in times of uncertainty to ensure they receive high-quality support leading to the recovery and/or continued success of their programs.

Clients Supported:

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 

  • CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC (CWI)

  • Fluor Idaho, LLC

  • Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership, LLC (FRNP)

  • Salado Isolation Mining Contractors, LLC (SIMCO) and its predecessor

  • Amentum

  • Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS)

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Staff Augmentation

TFE has over two decades of experience providing staff augmentation services throughout the DOE complex and at commercial sites. Providing highly skilled individuals enables our clients to perform their missions in a timely manner within a strict regulatory framework, on schedule, and within budget. We pride ourselves on recruiting and retaining top talent. With an almost unprecedented 96% annual retention rate on our current staff augmentation contracts supporting DOE and its prime contractors, TFE provides proof of excellence of not only our recruitment team, but our ability to deliver satisfaction and fulfillment to our employees even in an uncertain or short-term assignment. TFE’s staff augmentation personnel have supported over 100 Job Families for professional, technical, and administrative positions, including hard-to-find technical areas like engineering, facility management, and nuclear safety. 

Clients Supported:

  • Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC (SRNS)

  • Savannah River Remediation (SRR)

  • United Cleanup Oak Ridge LLC (UCOR) and its predecessors

  • Fluor Nuclear Power (FNP)


TFE is well-known throughout the DOE complex for providing top-quality training program analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation services. TFE delivers our own proprietary version of a Learning Management System (LMS) called LEARN to multiple DOE prime contractors. The LEARN training database provides all of the tools necessary to allow a minimal staff to implement a compliant training program.

Clients Supported:

  • DOE Office of Legacy Management (LM)

  • Isotek Systems, LLC

  • UCOR and its predecessors

  • North Wind Dynamics and its predecessor

  • FRNP

  • SIMCO and its predecessor

  • Swift and Staley, Inc.

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