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Doug Heal

Owner and President

Doug Heal joined TFE in 2013 and serves as the owner and President of the company. Doug began his professional career in 1987 as a researcher for the National Science Foundation in Bozeman, MT.  In 1989, he joined General Dynamics in San Diego, CA, as an engineer in the Thermophysics and Propulsion Group.  In 1991, he transferred to the General Atomics Reactor Internals Group, helping to design the next generation Modular High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor (MHTGR).   In 1992, he joined the Westinghouse Nuclear Safety group as a Senior Engineer in Aiken, SC. Doug was part of the commercialization of Westinghouse Safety Management Solutions in 1998 and served multiple roles in the organization, including Program Director for its Mid-America Operations, Northwest US Regional Director, and Director of Business Development.


Doug holds both a Master of Science degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University.

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