What We Do

Our product is people. TFE management is focused on our personnel and their productivity. By staffing projects and facilities with TFE personnel, our customers can concentrate on their products and customers, rather than on the time consuming issues associated with personnel management.

TFE currently provides waste transportation, records storage, records management, training, and environmental service support. We also manage task-based projects specifically focusing on our customer's needs and strategic plans.


Our proven expertise covers a wide range of technical support capabilities with major emphasis in the following areas:

  • Waste Transportation Services
  • Records Storage
  • Records Management
  • Technical Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Training Services
  • Environmental Service Support
  • Nuclear Technical Support
  • Start up Support
  • Operational Readiness Review
  • Conduct of Operations (CONOPS)
  • Assessments & IVRs
  • QA Support & Audits
  • Nuclear Safety & Criticality Safety
  • USQD & Licensing Support
  • Nuclear Technical Support