Training Services



TFE is well-known throughout the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) complex for providing top-quality training program analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation services. TFE delivers our own proprietary version of a Learning Management System (LMS) called LEARN to multiple DOE prime contractors. The LEARN training database provides all of the tools necessary to allow a minimal staff to implement a compliant training program to:  (1) minimize paper records to reduce administrative costs and (2) provide multiple on-demand training features to reduce the amount of time project personnel spend training and to allow them to complete training during their downtimes rather than being scheduled for class at less convenient times. Representative experience in providing site training and records support for DOE prime contractors includes:

  • Training for 4,500 site employees from 1996 through 2005 at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site in Golden, CO.
  • Training for over 3,000 employees at DOE sites in Oak Ridge, TN, and Paducah, KY.
  • Site training support at the Hanford Site in Richland, WA.

UCOR Training Case Study

From 1999 to 2015, TFE provided training analysis, design, development, and implementation services for Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC (BJC) and its successor, URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (UCOR), in support of the Environmental Management and Enriched Fuel contract in Oak Ridge, TN. Additionally, TFE provided training and scheduling support in Portsmouth, OH, and Paducah, KY, as part of this contract. TFE implemented training in multiple formats, including formal classroom, web-based training, required reading, and on-the-job training.

TFE was the primary drafter of the client's Training Procedures concerning all aspects of training.T his included development of a training and qualification plan to achieve compliance with DOE Order 5480.20A. We were also the primary developer of the Training Evaluation/Oversight. We helped coordinate course evaluations, instructor evaluations, and internal and external assessments of training and shared industry best practices with our client, allowing our client to replace multiple vendors with one single company. This resulted in better accountability and simplified management. Our client was able to get whatever training was needed whenever it was needed.