This month, TFE is pleased to receive recognition from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Division of Remediation for safe driving habits on the haul road at East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP). The notice from TDEC praises DOE, UCOR, and TFE, specifically recognizing TFE for safely utilizing the haul road for the transportation of waste shipments to onsite landfills.


TFE holds the Hazardous Waste Transportation & Haul Road Maintenance contract at ETTP. Over the life of the contract, TFE has completed the equivalent of 25+ accident-free trips around the earth at the equator. TFE attributes all such success on this contract to our dedicated waste transportation and haul road maintenance staff who integrate safety into their daily operations.


TFE is a listed approved evaluated carrier through the DOE Motor Carrier Evaluation Program (MCEP) and ingrains safety into every level of our organization.


Rachel Gibbs