Last Wall Falls at ETTP

ETTP Gaseous Diffusion operations ceased 31 years ago. Today the final wall fell.

With this final wall now down, ETTP is the first site in the world in which all the uranium-enriching gaseous fusion buildings have been cleaned up. TFE is proud to be apart of such a historic accomplishment. 


Fast Facts

  • TFE began the Waste Transportation Services contract in April, 2014.

  • Waste hauling for the K-27 building began on February 22, 2016.

  • TFE started at K-27 with 10 waste trucks and 10 drivers and grew to 26 waste trucks, 30 drivers, and 2 water trucks.

  • Shipments for the K-27 building totaled 82,000 tons (164m pounds) in 9,300 loads done over 114 days.

  • TFE has proudly worked over 180,000 safe man hours since the beginning of the contract in 2014.

TFE will continue to be a part of UCOR's vision to convert the 5,500 acres that comprise the Easte Tennessee Technology Park into land available for public and commercial use. We are honored to have been apart of making history with UCOR, and we look forward to continuing our support for them and for a cleaner future in Oak Ridge, TN. 

Madison Duncan