TFE Helps UCOR to Prepare Former Uranium Enrichment Area for Industrial Use

As UCOR continues on its path to achieve major cleanup at ETTP in 2020, TFE supports UCOR by hauling waste from the site. This week, the Office of Environmental Management published an article to highlight the work that has begun on the foundation slab of the former K-29 gaseous diffusion uranium enrichment building. Within the article, photos show TFE trucks being loaded with waste from the K-29 slab.

 “The former K-29 Building area was repurposed after the building was demolished, and now it is undergoing another transformation,” said Karen Deacon, acting ETTP portfolio federal project director. “The final product will be a grassy field available for future industrial use, which aligns with our ultimate vision for ETTP.”

TFE has over 2.7 million safe hours and looks forward to continuing safe, quality support both for the success of this project and for the overall successful cleanup of ETTP.

Source: “Oak Ridge Prepares Former Uranium Enrichment Area for Industrial Use” published by the Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management.

TFE’s truck is loaded with waste from the K-29 slab removal.