Consulting Services


TFE performs consulting services for the U.S. Department of Energy's prime contractors across the complex. Our clients seek our experts’ assistance in the wake of accidents and in times of uncertainty to ensure they receive high-quality support leading to the recovery and/or continued success of their programs.

We employ subject matter experts (SMEs) with decades of experience in the following:

  • Start up Support

  • Operational Readiness Reviews (ORRs)

  • Conduct of Operations (CONOPS)

  • Assessments & IVRs

  • Quality Assurance Support & Audits

  • Nuclear Safety & Criticality Safety

  • Unreviewed Safety Question Determination & Licensing Support

  • Nuclear Technical Support

A few representative examples of our consulting services projects are detailed below.

WIPP Readiness Assessment Support

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TFE supplied management, readiness, and mentoring technical services, including QA consulting, at WIPP in support of NWP’s Interim Ventilation System (IVS) startup and the eventual ORR that led to the successful restart of operations. TFE provided eight SMEs who provided long-term technical support and mentoring in QA, operations, corrective action program, training, maintenance, and radiological controls.

TFE provided the SMEs and evaluators to complete the NWP Management Self-Assessment required to start the Contractor and DOE Readiness Assessments of the IVS. The IVS is required to provide additional HEPA-filtered continual flow exhaust that, when combined with the existing Underground Ventilation System (UVS), provides sufficient flow through the mine, permitting continued entries, contact-handled (CH) waste emplacement, and accelerated recovery efforts. TFE:

  • Provided senior-level QA, operations, management, training, maintenance, nuclear safety, and radiological controls consultants through the duration of the task.

  • Conducted multiple management visits to ensure the readiness support team was functioning as desired by NWP and DOE management.

  • Supported the management readiness by assigning the TFE Chief Operations Officer to the project.

  • Supported NWP’s ORR preparations by providing assistance, ranging from direct assessment to performing training with all levels of personnel (particularly with miners).

  • Developed and maintained the readiness tracking dashboard for NWP.

  • Reviewed and assisted in the implementation of new procedures.

  • Developed and conducted Technical Safety Requirements (TSR)/Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) training.

Fluor Paducah Project

Fluor Idaho

TFE has supported Fluor Idaho since 2006. Our continued support includes the following:

  • Operational Readiness

  • Criticality Safety

  • Nuclear Safety

  • Authorization Bases


Parsons Government Services, Inc. Salt Waste Processing Facility (SWPF)

Since 2017, TFE has supported Parsons as a Readiness Assessment Team Member, ensuring a timely and effective path to successful ORRs. TFE’s SMEs assist with the following:

  • Ensure readiness is achieved and unnecessary delays are avoided.

  • Bring to the attention of the Readiness Manager any issues to ensure timely resolution for successful readiness reviews.

  • Review and concur that the criteria developed from the SWPF POA-defined core requirements address the breadth of activities necessary to startup and safely and compliantly operate the facility.

  • Review and concur that the assignment of the criteria (affidavits) across the SWPF functional organizations ensure full compliance to the requirements.

  • Review and concur that POA prerequisites are satisfied.

  • Evaluate and ensure documentation adequately demonstrates that criteria are met and conduct a critical review of objective evidence to provide senior SWPF management confidence that the area reviewed supports startup.

  • Monitor the progress in attaining readiness and periodically provide performance metrics to the SWPF Project Manager (PM).

  • Provide an independent review of corrective action plans developed to address issues or findings.

  • Provide concurrence of the organizational readiness final certification letters to the PM.

  • Provide an independent review of pre- and post-start findings closure.

Beginning in 2015, TFE has provided readiness preparation services to the Flour Paducah Project. FPP is attempting to start up its first major project (uranium holdup removal) in a Hazard Category 2 nuclear facility. This startup requires the successful completion of a DOE ORR, which is a rigorous examination of all aspects of a hazardous project. 

TFE was brought in to lead the readiness effort and to guide the team through the process. We delivered a team of senior experts to develop plans and provided mentoring to project personnel. Our personnel performed the following key activities:

  • Developed the initial draft of the Plan of Action (POA) that established the scope and breath of the ORR for submittal by FPP to DOE.

  • Drafted the Implementation Plan that contained the details for the corporate ORR to be performed.

  • Developed and conducted safety basis and technical specification requirements training.

  • Developed and conducted CONOPS training.

  • Provided mentors for Operations, Engineering, Training, QA, Readiness, Nuclear Safety, Maintenance/Work Control, and Records Management.

  • Developed evidence files to satisfy proof requirements that all core requirements were adequate to begin the reviews.

  • Wrote numerous procedures for the various organizations, including CONOPS.

  • Mentored project personnel on the correct implementation of the CONOPS program, including expectations of performance and compliance.

  • Mentored the operations drill program.

  • Conducted cross table reviews and practice boards for operator qualification.

  • Provided evaluators for various reviews.

  • Provided the team leader and some team members for a rewrite of the TSRs.

  • Developed strategies to ensure the project equipment had the proper pedigrees and to correct identified deficiencies.

TFE personnel have demonstrated the ability to successfully augment the management team in a manner that led to successful implementation of key Integrated Safety Management System and DOE requirements.

Conduct of operations support TO FRNP

TFE provides Conduct of Operations Support (CONOPS) to Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership (FRNP) at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP). TFE takes great pride in providing unparalleled CONOPS to our clients and is providing our best Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to FRNP to ensure high quality operations.

To support this project, TFE draws upon many years of experience in CONOPS, including previously providing CONOPS on the Fluor Paducah Deactivation Project (FPDP), at which time TFE wrote numerous procedures, developed and conducted training, and mentored project personnel on the correct implementation of CONOPS.