Clean Fill


TFE manages and operates an ~100-acre borrow site from which we supply clean soil fill to support U.S. Department of Energy projects across the Oak Ridge Reservation and for local commercial projects. This clean soil fill consists of both general fill and low-permeability fill, as described below:

  • General fill is used as void filler in debris waste or a construction-fill material.
  • Low-permeability fill is used as cover material, void filler, or construction-fill material. Soil for cover material is used to seal operating surfaces to limit infiltration and exhibits a sufficient degree of cohesiveness to minimize erosion or washouts.

We enforce environmental compliance considerations and safety and health precautions at our borrow site to avoid the risk of endangerment to health, bodily harm to persons, damage to property, and damage to the natural environment. TFE continuously inspects all equipment, materials, outfalls, and work to identify and correct any conditions that may result in any of the aforementioned risks. All civil surveys and inspections, geotechnical testing, and permitting activities have been performed, and our operations remain in good standing with regulatory and state, county, and city jurisdictional authorities.

TFE is able to deliver clean soil fill in small or large quantities on very short notice. We use our own equipment and trained employees to fulfill our customers’ needs in a safe, compliant manner, having invested in the equipment vital to the success of these operations (e.g., dump trucks, excavators, and bulldozers). 



Jamie Bolling at or 865-220-6509.