Records Management and Storage


Beginning in July, 2014, TFE has been performing records management services in support of The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). WIPP is located near Carlsbad, New Mexico, is a deep geological repository for safe, permanent disposal of TRU waste materials generated by atomic energy defense activities. As a strategic, first-of-a-kind facility with multiple regulators, it is imperative that a fully integrated, accessible, and functional records management system, for which records of the WIPP and the generator sites will be available, is established through our NARA-approved and NQA-1 compliant records center.


Recommending cost effective process improvements within all areas of this subcontract, including storage efficiencies, electronic records management and improved accessibility to electronic records, as a minimum.


  • Records generated during the processes of TRU waste disposal are received by the TFE team from not only the WIPP site, but also from other DOE facilities around the country. These records are digitized and uploaded into an Electronic Records Management System to allow for better retrieval of the information to support ongoing work.
  • New equipment and new processes have allowed the TFE team to process more records quickly and efficiently. The new processes now allow for processing of oversize records, CDs and DVDs and color records at the same time as the hardcopy records.
  • In order to bring innovative strategies and proven commercial practices to WIPP and the DOE complex, TFE teamed with Iron Mountain: a global leader in information storage, protection, and management.


The WIPP is a public trust, and access to these records enable the public to inspect for themselves what the DOE has accomplished, allow officials and agencies to review their actions, and help various stakeholder and citizen groups understand this unique project.

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