Doug Heal


Doug Heal joined TFE in 2013 and currently serves as both a member of the board of directors and as President of TFE, Inc.  Doug began his professional career in 1987 as a researcher for the National Science Foundation in Bozeman, MT.  In 1989, he joined General Dynamics in San Diego, CA, as an engineer in the Thermophysics and Propulsion Group.  In 1991 he transferred to the General Atomics Reactor Internals Group, helping to design the next generation Modular High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor (MHTGR).   In 1992, he joined the Westinghouse Nuclear Safety group as a Senior Engineer in Aiken, South Carolina.   Doug was part of the commercialization of Westinghouse Safety Management Solutions in 1998 and served multiple roles in the organization including Program Director for their Mid-America Operations, the Northwest US Regional Director, and the Director of Business Development.

Doug holds a both a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University.


Chief Operations Officer

Steve Crowe is the Chief Operations Officer for TFE, Inc., and serves on the board of directors. Steve is a retired Captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve and has over 35 years of experience in operation and licensing of nuclear facilities, safe management of nuclear materials, decommissioning and demolition of nuclear facilities, and disposal of hazardous materials. Prior to moving to Oak Ridge, he was the Environmental Safety, Health, and Quality Manager for Material Stewardship at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) in Golden, Colorado. He managed a team of up to 150 operations oversight, waste management, safety, engineering, environmental, radiological control, nuclear safety, and quality assurance professionals.

Steve has led multiple ORRs and Contractor Readiness Assessments leading to the successful startup of nuclear and hazardous facilities at Idaho, Oak Ridge, Hanford, and Portsmouth. He is a recognized subject-matter expert in cause analysis, readiness, and conduct of operations and has mentored the recovery of troubled facilities including both commercial nuclear facilities and U.S. Department of Energy facilities.


Vice President

Tony Hunter is a Vice President with TFE, Inc. and serves as a director on the company's board. Tony was president of TFE from 1996 to 2013. Prior to that, Tony was a vice president with General Physic's Corp. managing the development and implementation of commercial and DOE nuclear training programs. Tony led the INPO accreditation effort as operations training manager at the Rancho Seco nuclear generating plant.

Tony holds a Masters in Business Administration from National University in San Diego, CA and was certified by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a senior reactor operator instructor.


Vice President

Tom Telford is a Vice-President with TFE, Inc. and serves on the board of directors. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1963 with a bachelors in electrical engineering, continued his education at the Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology, and received a Master of Science in Engineering from The Catholic University in Washington D.C.

Tom began his career with the Regulatory Division of the Atomic Energy Commission (later known as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) in 1963. He served as both a project manager and assistant to the director of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. He was also the project leader with Lessons Learned Task Force following the Three-Mile Island Accident. Tom founded TFE, Inc. in 1988 in support of a contract to restart the K-Reactor at the Savannah River Site. He was the principal author of the reactor safety policy and served as member of the team that developed the management plan for the restart of K-Reactor. He also served as project manager for several technical projects intended to improve safety and demonstrate compliance with the newly developed DOE orders and policies.