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Employee Payroll Login
View pay stubs, current tax exemptions, and other payroll information.

Banking Details
Use to update banking information for payroll and expense reports.


Employment Eligibility Form
Government-issued form for new employees if a new copy is needed.

Tax Form
Update Tax Information for Payroll (exemptions, additional amount, etc.)


TFE Expense Reports


For expenses incurred during business related travel or company required purchase, please fill out the attached Expense Report form and include all related receipts. Once completed, submit your form to your supervisor for approval.

The provided Per Diem/M&IE links provide additional information from the GSA website.



The provided links are for accessing and signing up for your 401(k) account with Transamerica. Once your account is established, you may access forms for Rollovers and Distributions directly from their website.

To change your 401k contribution rate, or for additional questions, please contact your TFE 401k administrator.



BlueCross BlueShield Medical

Employees can use the BlueCross BlueShield member page to view current medical coverage, the status on claims, and find nearby providers.

Employee Assistance Program

First Sun offers a full array of counseling and life management services purchased for you by TFE. Services are free for you and your family members.

If you would like to enroll or have a question about current deductions, please contact your supervisor or payroll.



Use the link provided to access Office 365 web client. From here you may either download the desktop applications or use your browser to access Outlook, Excel, and other applications.